AppPresser 3 Released!

This release is not just an update, it is a whole new product. We made huge improvements in how you build apps, and how the apps themselves perform.

We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for many months, and I can tell you it’s incredible. Apps are way faster, they feel more native, and they include tons of new features that weren’t possible before.

What’s New? Everything.

This is a whole new platform for building apps with WordPress. You still get all the great WordPress integrations we’ve always had, along with much much more.

The best part is that this is all included in our current pricing, and anyone with an active license gets to use it.

My AppPresser: Your Online App Dashboard

Purchasing AppPresser now includes access to, which is an online dashboard to create and customize your apps. The My AppPresser dashboard makes it easy to create, customize, and maintain each of your app projects.

You still get our plugins and theme to go on your WordPress site, which help you display your site in the app. The My AppPresser dashboard just makes it easier to create and customize your apps.

A New Visual App Builder


AppPresser 3 includes a brand new visual app builder that makes putting your apps together easier than ever before. It’s easier to customize and add features to your apps, and get instant visual feedback on how it looks.

Faster Performance (by a lot)

We completely rewrote the app files from the ground up, giving you better app performance in every way. Apps load way faster, and pages load quickly with smooth page transitions.

Better Offline Support

AppPresser 2 introduced offline mode, and we perfected it in version 3. Your app loads quickly even when offline, content is cached better, and you can create offline pages more easily.

Custom Pages

Creating non-WordPress pages or offline pages was difficult before, not anymore! Create them easily in the app builder and add them to your app in a few clicks.

Free Push Notifications

Push notifications are easier to setup and more flexible, and now they are included for free! No more visiting a third party provider and paying them a monthly fee.

Partial Feature List

Current and new customers get all these features with AppPresser 3:

  • Access to the My AppPresser dashboard and app builder
  • Free push notifications
  • Unlimited customization
  • Integration with all extensions you purchased like AppBuddy, AppWoo, AppPush, etc. (except AppAnalytics, we are still working on that)
  • New AP3 Ion Theme designed just for AppPresser 3
  • Easier organization of multiple app projects
  • Get your app onto your device easier with PhoneGap Build integration
  • Less messing with code
  • Ionic 2 integration for faster, more native apps
  • Access to build files for custom coding

There are a lot more details on what’s new, but it’s too much for one post. We’ll be writing articles on each major feature in the coming weeks, check back soon for those.