The WP-App Project

The WP-App Project is a free, open-source mobile app for WordPress site management.

The idea is to create a customizable mobile app for WordPress site owners to manage their posts, pages, comments, media, etc.

A WordPress app already exists, but this one will be much more customizable.

With this app, you’ll be able to write a simple plugin that adds a section to the app. Let’s say you are the developer of a successful forms plugin. You will be able to create an add-on for your product that adds management of form entries to this app, without touching any app code. An Ecommerce plugin developer could make a plugin that adds sales statistics to the app (with authentication of course).

Or say you just created a very custom site for a client, and they don’t use blog posts at all. You can remove the Posts page from the app, and instead add your custom CPTs.

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